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Amazing new 2m slope and thermal soarer from the manufacturers of the Optimus, CCM. It will also soon be available with an electric fuselage to make a great warmliner, hotliner, or thermal soarer for the electric 2m class.

Developed over the past year and a half, the new Toy 2M features advanced aerodynamics for a truly stunning all round performance. With a modified Norbert Habe airfoil and carefully optimised wing planform the Toy 2m will not disappoint in good air or light air.

The CCM Optimus is widely considered as one of the very best models available in terms of build quality and the Toy 2m is certainly right up there at the very top with crisp precise mouldings and a flawless finish.

  • Wing Span- 2000 mm
  • Wing Area-32.4 dm2
  • Wing Airfoil HN352 Mod
  • Tail Area- 3.72 dm2
  • Tail Airfoil HT08 Mod
  • 2 Sets of wing joiners, low angle and high angle
  • Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator- 6 Channel control
  • 250g ballast

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