New! Vantage Race from CCM


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The new CCM VANTAGE RACE has been designed following extensive experience and feedback from the Vantage which has proved to be excellent in light to medium conditions.

Particular attention has been paid to excellent turning performance and good natured handling during the design process using the aerodynamic designs from a privately designed test model called the VALKYRIE. With a narrower fuselage for reduced drag and new airfoils and wing planform the VANTAGE RACE is sure to be a winner.

Further structural improvements have been made for example the wings are held to the fuselage using two joiners to ensure maximum rigidity due to the additional spar web material between the connectors. Tailplane joiners are square section to resist twisting at high speeds.

The ballast chambers are still very close to the centre of gravity and accepts square section ballast enabling quick changes during competition.

Whilst the VANTAGE RACE was specifically designed for good to excellent conditions it also performs very well in light conditions.

Responding to customer requests the wings from the VANTAGE will also fit the VANTAGE RACE providing a complete package for all conditions.

F3F, F3B and F3G versions will be available along with special light sports layups.

Prices available soon!