Vantage F3F


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A new 2.98m F3F model from CCM. Given our many years experience selling other CCM products (Optimus & Toy) you can be assured the Vantage will be of the absolute very best quality and design possible with beautiful attention to detail.

CCM only make one version of the Vantage and this is a double carbon super high modulus spread tow carbon lay up. All flightech models come with wing and fuse covers and factory installed IDS. Ballast is £55 extra.

The VANTAGE is a pure competition model specially designed for the F3F class but with its excellent performance in the lower and medium lift range it also makes a great all round sports model.

For F3F racing its great pace and ability in the lower and medium lift ranges makes it an ideal addition to any F3F pilots fleet. But rest assured, in stronger conditions there are no significant losses in very high speed flight.