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Back in 2006, Samba first cooperated with Philip Kolb and managed to push the frontiers in F3J plane design – the famous Pike Perfect. 5 years later in 2011 Samba once again cooperated with Philip Kolb and managed to push the frontiers of model design but in a different direction – the Pike Precision F3f & F3b model. This time time they were also able to acquire the help of Johannes Dillinger and Benjamin Rodax to add their experience and expertise in designing, calculating and computing to the creation of the Pike precision.

It is certainly not the easiest task to design a plane for both F3b and F3f classes, but with the the new smooth flying style in F3F, Philip and Samba thought it possible to combine all requirements in one design. This new smooth flying style asks for more efficient turning performance. To combine agility and performance they made the wingspan as large as possible to reduce the induced drag and as small as necessary to offer agile handling qualities even on small slopes.

A rather ‘’aggressive’’ planform was designed. The lift distribution was calculated to be as close to the elliptical shape as reasonably possible. This measure reduces the tip volume and thereby its mass as well as inertia helping to increase the roll rate. The planform was designed to run the ailerons all the way out to the wingtip, thereby maximizing both aileron span and lever arm. This measure minimizes the aileron throw for a given roll rate or, vice versa, maximizes the roll rate for a given amount of aileron throw.
One of the most critical questions in the design process is the development of adequate airfoils and their optimization. Data collected from the various flight tests was a huge asset in gaining reliability for their calculations as well as validation of the results. Equally important as developing a high performance main airfoil was the design of the tip airfoil and the airfoil transition along the span. Especially in the case of the Pike precision with its high taper ratio and thereby rather narrow tips the local airfoils needed to be designed to work flawlessly at lower local Reynolds numbers.

The structural design of a high performance F3F/F3b model is also very important and Sambas high quality construction techniques using the latest carbon materials and advanced production techniques lead to a very strong and stiff model.
The Pike Precision is available in 2 versions The basic version is F3B with weight up to 2000 g. The second version is F3F with flying weight about 2200g and will be more solid for a harder life on the slope. Maximum ballast is 2kg.

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