NEW! Wyvern F3F / sports racer


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Another excellent design from Ian Mason’s stable the Wyvern follows the philosophy that a model combining performance with fun is one that you can fly more often and so you can fly it fast and accurately.

Combining the aerodynamic performance of larger span models with the agility and enjoyment of more compact models the Wyvern is the model that will always be your first choice of models to fly.

The Wyvern’s advanced wing design is a composite of a number of different sections.  Closer to the fuselage these have a similar thickness and camber to that of the Saker. The section progressively changes towards the wing tip in order to  minimise the drag and still give a remarkable turn performance.

An indicator of just how thin the new wing section is when you come to fit the aileron servos.  10mm servos can be shoe horned in but 8mm servos are a great option.

The strength and performance that the ‘air scoops’ deliver in a model fuselage have surprised and impressed me since I introduced the innovation in the Saker design.  With the high set v tail this all combines to a very strong and predictable model.

At 2.65 meters span is fits nicely in between the Falcon and the Saker.

More information can be found on Ian’s blog