Eternity F5j


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From the makers of the Infinity Evo comes the new Eternity. With a very complex and highly efficient brand new aero package from Dirk Pflug, the new 3.97m 4 piece wing / 2 piece fuselage Eternity has gone to full solid core technology. Eternity features high spec CNC alloys molds that have internal heating elements to heat up the curing system under very high pressure followed by a very high temperature post cure to give a shinier more ding resistant finish than anything currently available in solid core.

Eternity has a triple dihedral wing layout as this is more efficient in a straight line and in circling. Having more, slightly smaller angle dihedral changes rather than one bigger change of dihedral looked a worthwhile gain in the calculations especially when combined with an optimised planform and aspect ratio (22:1) all designed to work together as a package. The new wing features a whole set of new airfoils designed to allow the Eternity to travel well and handle stronger winds at lighter weights. The widest possible speed range has been achieved with some very clever airfoil design with extended laminar boundary layer flow across a wide range of angle of attacks meaning lower drag across a wider speed range.

The same long boom V-tail arrangement as used on the Infinity Evo has been used as it provides the same super low drag arrangement but with arrow straight tracking and impeccable manners and handling.

The 2 piece fuselage will give a choice between longer front section or shorter front section to accommodate different motor and battery weights.

To get the most agility it was important to have both the main ailerons and the tip ailerons working together. But a 6 servo wing is definitely not the way to go so there is a mechanical link the tip ailerons into the main ailerons. The manufacturer of the Infinity also makes some big moulded scale gliders and the same system used on the Eternity has been extensively tried and tested over several years on some very big and very expensive models and works perfectly.

The model will pack down into a box 120cm long x 28cm x 10cm so very compact.

As per the Infinity, the front of the nose is aerodynamically designed by Giorgi Mirov (GM props) to make sure the blades fit as close to the fuselage as possible.

Model will come highly pre-fabricated with factory installed servorahmen IDS pushrods and full wiring installation already done. Comes complete with bags and ballast.

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