Xpower F2919/10 F5j Light Direct Drive


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The low-cost light weight and simplicity of a direct drive motor but with the power cables at the rear of the motor like an inrunner. Perfect for easy installation in narrow fuselages and no more hassles with the wires wrapping around the motor. The Xpower F2919/10 does not have any externally rotating parts so is as easy to fit  as an inrunner. Featuring a substantial 5mm diameter motor shaft to resist typical competition landings this fantastic little motor is perfectly suited to F5j Esoaring models not exceeding 1600g. Recommended prop size is 10×6 or 11×6.

At only 83g and the ability to use a smaller, lighter cheaper 35A or 40A esc the Xpower F2919/10 is a very light very cost effective high quality drive system.

Recommended for: Optimus Xtra Light, Infinity NG Ultralight, Vertigo, Ava series, Pulsar, Plus F5J, Maxa Megalight, Pike Perfection Light, Pike Dynamic Light, Explorer Light, Vinco, Kappa, Ultima 2, Sense etc

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