CLS0911W 10mm Glider wing servo




**Flightech are the only authorised Kingmax glider servo distributor in the UK. Selling servos direct from the factory and with a full spares and warranty back up**

No compromise quality & performance for demanding pilots
Coreless motor for faster response and higher torque
CNC alloy case
Slightly larger case than CLS0612W accommodates larger more powerful motor
Double ballraced output to take large side loads
Strong hardened steel gear train
Multi-voltage 5.0v-8.4v operation

Weight 26g

Dimensions 30mm x 10mm x 35.5mm

CLS0911W 6.0V 7.4V 8.4v
Speed 0.13s/60deg 0.11s/60deg 0.10s/60deg