Tenshock Viper Drive System


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This is the ideal power system for the lighter <1400g model, where low weight and minimum sink properties are paramount for early morning and late evening slots. Also of great use in lighter winds and convective conditions where low starts and a maximum climb rate in thermals is important


Weight: 77g
Motor Diameter: 22mm
Total length (not including shaft): 61mm
Power output: Up to 501W@45A
Set-up: 12×6 prop on a 500-1000mah 3S Lipo

Comments: At only 77g this motor and gearbox combination provides a lighter, more powerful, and considerably more cost effective alternative to the Powerline Micro 1015/F5j drive system.

Recommended for: Optimus Light, Infinity NG Light, Vertigo Light, Ava series, Pulsar, Plus F5J, Supra, Maxa Light, Pike Perfection Light, Pike Dynamic Light, Explorer Light, Vinco, Kappa, Ultima 1 &2, Plus-X etc

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