Tenshock Viper Drive System



This is the ideal power system for the lighter <1400g model, where low weight is important. Available in 12 turn for 3S and 14 turn for 4S. Please specify at checkout.


Weight: 77g
Motor Diameter: 22mm
Total length (not including shaft): 61mm
3S  13×8 prop approx 500W@45A  (12 turn version)
4S  11×6 prop approx 400W@30A  (14 turn version. Very light set up with YGE 35A esc)

Comments: At only 77g this motor and gearbox combination provides a lighter, more powerful, and considerably more cost effective alternative to the Powerline Micro 1015/F5j drive system.

Recommended for: Prestige 2PK Light, Optimus Light, Infinity Evo Light, Vertigo Light, Ava series, Pulsar, Plus F5J, Supra, Maxa Light, Pike Perfection Light, Pike Dynamic Light, Explorer Light, Vinco, Kappa, Ultima 1 &2, Plus-X etc

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