Skyzone ATOMRC Dolphin (ARTF kit)


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The fantastic Skyzone Hobbies Dolphin. This is the pre-built kit version ready to accept servos, motor and esc of your choice. It is also capable of supporting FPV and has a neat removeable nose to mount the camera and equipment of your choice.

The Dolphin is made from strong foam and is a very stable easy to fly model with a huge grin factor.  The Dolphin is capable of safe easy relatively slow flight on smaller motors and 3S or can be a 100mph+ rocket ship with higher power motors and 6S. These models have gained a huge following and great reputation across the world and are now available here at Flightech. 

Wingspan: 845mm (33.2″)
Length: 710mm (28″)
Wing area: 15dm²
Weight: 360g

In stock now!  More details and photos to follow asap…