Prestige 2PK


The new 3.9m Prestige 2PK once again sees expert pilot and designer Philip Kolb team up with Samba to produce a truly outstanding cutting edge thermal soaring model.


The Prestige 2PK is a full rohacell core design and the whole model is made in heated aluminum molds to a very high temperature. This technology creates a light, strong and stable platform for years of flying and also gives an extremely good surface finish much like that of a good quality hollow molded model.

When circling the model does not need extreme dihedral joiners since the aerodynamic design and airfoil changes work in a better way than simply increasing dihedral. It means the Prestige 2PK thermal turns amazingly well without compromising forward penetration.

The penetration in all camber settings is very good because of the new tail design. Now you can change camber at any point without loosing flying energy like you can see in many airfoils. The model now just speeds up or slows down to the desired speed/camber setting and keeps that speed making for a very efficient and predictable model to fly.

Landing the Prestige 2PK is easier than ever. No aileron setup is needed (aileron goes to neutral when brakes applied). Only flaps and elevator compensation is needed. Still the model slows down to a crawl and pushing over is easy as the new elevator keeps the energy well even with full flaps applied. The rudder is also better and bigger and with the new high dihedral middle and aerodynamic airfoil changes it corresponds well to rudder input and is not as much affected by sidewind as earlier models.

The nose has been made removable. It is made longer than needed and can be shortened (max. 100 mm) according to what motor and Lipo combination you want to use so you will always be able to get to the right CG without any fuss. It also means you can plug on different noses with different drive systems for the ultimate in flexibility. The whole fin/rudder assembly has been made removeable for easier transport and storage.

The servos and receiver are located in the fuselage under the wing and therefore there is enough space in the front for the motor, esc and lipo. Battery size can be from very small 650mah up to 2300mah as a lot of care has been taken to get a very thin but almost square cross sectional area.

The Prestige 2PK comes complete with a high quality pre-made wiring loom and fuselage provision for 200g, 400g and 600g of ballast (ballast available separately). Light versions start at 1150g, normal versions 1350g and windy versions 1550g+.