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The 3.68m Pike Dynamic is more than you might expect at first sight. Although visually similar to the Pike Perfection the Dynamic is a very different design. Two of the most important qualities of a F5J model are the ability to circle at very low altitudes while in a thermal and to be able to move around the sky with minimal loss in height. The Dynamic excels in both these areas, and combined with low flying weights and improved controllability in landing the Dynamic is still a great choice for F5J pilots.

With an F5J specific airfoil, exact camber changes must be made for each Flight Mode which allows unbelievable range in speed. The thinner fuselage cross section and increased dihedral on wings tips allows for better penetration in windy conditions and an increased turning performance at all speeds.

Construction of the Pike Dynamic follows hollow moulded technology for the wings and solid core Rohacell tails. All parts are made with the latest spread tow and UHM carbon Fibre.

The PIKE Dynamic is delivered with pre-bonded pushrod housings in the fuselage, wire harness installed wings and supplied for fuselage, GFK control horns for ailerons and flaps, couplers for pushrods in fuselage, and 2mm carbon fibre pushrods.

Available in a range of weights and lay-ups from 1100g to suit all conditions and with additional ballast capability and it is clear to see why the Pike Dynamic has been one of the most successful F5j and F3j models on the Eurotour in recent years.

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