Optimus Sport



Optimus was first introduced to the UK in 2015 and has since become a firm favourite with competition and sports flyers alike. At 3.8m wingspan it is ideally sized mid way between the popular 3.5m and 4m platforms giving an ideal balance of performance and handling throughout its wide speed range. It’s smooth, easy and forgiving handling has led to a lot of contest wins all over the UK and now the Optimus is back with a revised Sport format extracting even more performance from an already great and well proven airframe.

The new Optimus Sport features the same high performance series of airfoils that have proven so consistent and successful over the years but now with an option of a ‘Big Flap’ version for better low speed performance and better landing performance.

The main changes are the brand new fuselage. Compared to its predecessor the new Sport fuselage features a reduced wing pylon height and an elliptical cross sectional tail boom. Both of these have allowed a stiffer and lighter structure to be built with a 5% reduction in drag.

The new tail configuration is the most obvious change from the previous version and is now made with Rohacell solid core technology for strength and light weight. After a lot of prototyping and flight testing the current format was decided upon as it gives finer control in pitch, better low speed circling characteristics and a 20% reduction in drag.

Existing Optimus pilots will be pleased to learn the fuselage servo installation is now much easier and the fin is now completely removeable for easy transport and storage.

Optimus Sport is available in 1300g Extra Light, 1500g Light and 1800g Windy versions.