NEW! Hawk NG Spark F5j (1 in stock)




****1 in stock  1 in stock  1 in stock  1 in stock  1 in stock….please call for details****

Another model specifically chosen for Flightech to release in the UK thanks to Vladimir and Dani at VR Models in Slovakia. Anyone who has ever had a model from Slovakia will know they produce some of the best quality models money can buy and having seen previous Hawk models in my travels these are no different.

The brand new Hawk Spark is very current in its design with 3.98m span and thin wing airfoils designed by Mark Drela. It also has a triple dihedral wing for lower drag and extra stability in low speed circling. Where it fits into the Flightech range so well is that it is produced with traditional hollow core technology. Not all pilots want solid core so the brand new 3.98m Spark offers an alternative option at the top end of F5j model choices. All Flightech Sparks will come as standard with a full Servorahmen IDS factory install as standard making installation a breeze.

Several models are already on order ready in time for the closed season and winter testing in preperation for the 2022 season. Spark already has one of the UK’s leading pilots signed up for 2022 so watch this space..!