NEW! CLS1510W 12mm GPS Sports & large glider wing servo




**Flightech are the only authorised Kingmax glider servo distributor in the UK. Selling servos direct from the factory and with a full spares and warranty back up**

NEW! The latest development in wing servo technology from Kingmax. The CLS1510W is a high power output 12mm wing servo designed for GPS Sports class models and all large scale gliders where greater torque and an even stronger gear train is desireable. 

With a very similar footprint to the hugely popular CLS0911W 10mm wing servo, the new CLS1510W looks set be be the perfect addition to the Kingmax wing servo range.

No compromise quality & performance for demanding pilots
Coreless motor for faster response and higher torque
Double ballraced output to take large side loads
CNC alloy casing
Strong hardened steel gear train
Multi-voltage 5v-8.4v operation

Weight 33.5g

Dimensions 30mm x 12mm x 35mm

CLS1510W 6.0v 7.4v 8.4v
Speed 0.16s/60deg 0.10s/60deg 0.09s/60deg