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The new Infinity Evo is the perfect platform for pilots wanting a slightly smaller and more nimble airframe. At 3.5m the new Infinity Evo is perfect for low F5j starts and yet with its efficient and highly optimised wing planform and special Dirk Pflug airfoils it is also ideal for all height limited Esoaring contests as well.

Based on the success of the older Infinity NG, the new Evo features the same outstanding series of airfoils but now has a revised dihedral layout for even better circling and bigger flaps for improved low speed and braking performance. The new fuselage has a much longer tail moment than previous versions and is very stable and very easy to fly. The front of the new fuselage has also been designed with Giorgi Mirov of GM props for a closer fold to reduce drag.

Ballast no longer fits through the fuselage but is now fitted into ballast boxes into the wing. Ballast provision goes up to 400g on Lighter versions and 600g on heavier versions compared to the older model.

Wing construction is still traditional hollow core technology and layed up in high pressure CNC molds for an extremely high quality finish. Fuselages are bladder moulded under very high pressure to produce strong lightweight components. Tail parts are made with rohacell solid core technology. All parts are made with the very latest spread tow and UHM carbon fibre.

The Infinty Evo comes factory installed with the popular Servorahmen IDS system to save time and hassle. All control surface horns and pushrod are already fitted and set up at the factory using CNC metal jigs to ensure perfect accuracy and consistency on every model.

With a wide range of lay-ups available (Ultralight 1100g, Light 1300g, Performance 1500g and Thunderstorm 1750g) and with a choice of V-tail or conventional X-tail configurations it is no wonder the Infinity Evo is a popular F5j model and continues to feature on many F5j Eurotour podiums.

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