Infinity Evo


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** Infinity Evo wins Interglide 2021..! **

The perfect model for those that like a slightly smaller, more nimble and more responsive plane. Compared to larger 4m models the Infinity Evo can out turn and respond quicker to lift which can be a big advantage in wind and when thermals are small and tight. The Infinity is easier to stay centered in small thermals and can out climb many other models.

Manufactured in Slovakia to the very highest quality standards, the Evo is the latest in the Infinity range and features big flaps, more tip dihedral and a longer tail boom than previous models. Infinity Evo is hollow core and available in Light (approx 1350g), Performance (approx 1550g) and Storm ((approx 1750g) version.

Pilots will be pleased to note the Servorahmen IDS system comes already factory installed and the model is complete with wing, tail and fuselage bags as well as a brass ballast set.

Available in V-tail and X-tail formats but we recommend the V-tail.