Harrier 2.75m


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Following on from his successful Willow and Merlin designs, UK pilot and designer Ian Mason has again further developed the breed and the result is the brilliant new Harrier. 

Taking the best attributes from the previous two models, the Harrier progresses Ians desire to produce a high performance model that can be thrown around for fun on your local slope but one that is also capable of being taken to an F3F race without embarrassing itself.

The Harrier features a safe stable wing planform and tail that can be thrashed around without biting. The new wing airfoils combined with the new planform produce a plane that is faster, even better behaved and even more aerobatic than anything before it. The tail was one of the most obvious places where the Harrier has developed compared to previous models.  It now features enclosed horns and a thicker series of airfoils that deliver powerful and positive control. 

Construction is hollow composite and quality is reported to be extremely good.

All Flightech supplied models feature a full carbon wing as standard. 

Price at the moment is estimated. We currently have 4 harriers in production.

More details and pics to follow when we have stock