Hall Magnetic Pico Switch Red with battery back up


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Very useful mag switch from Practicalrc.com. These are the more popular 3s off version. 

Includes magnetic keyfob & 2 location decals.

This is a normal mag switch but has an intelligent battery backer system and allows a model to use 2 separate power sources to supply the receiver.

Ideal for electric models where a pilot wants to use the main BEC to power the receiver, but for extended flights or peace of mind can also use a separate receiver battery as well. Also useful for larger scale gliders etc where a pilot can run 2 separate receiver batteries.

Both inputs can be either a battery or a BEC. Or a combination of battery and BEC. The input with the highest voltage will be the main source of power.  If both inputs are the same voltage, then the source of power will be both “simultaneously”.  If a battery fails or goes under voltage the switch will disconnect/isolate that battery from the circuit, if it recovers, the switch will re-engage it.  “Pico Switch RED” allows you to use batteries of different capacity, number of cells and chemistry type.