Hall Magnetic Pico Switch Plus 7A


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Made in the UK by Jonathan Wells, these Practical RC mag switches eliminate the need for a traditional sliding contact switch or plug and socket connection between battery and RX. Max 7A. Includes charging lead. These are the more popular 3s off versions

Placed at a suitable location inside the fuselage it simply needs a magnet swiping over it for on and then again for off. It means nosecones can remain firmly taped in place for maximum strength and minimum hassle.

A magnetic key fob and 2 location decals are included in the price.

Supply Voltage 3V – 14.5v (3s Li-po, 4s Life)
Dropout voltage (Input vs output) 100mV @10.2A
Operating current:
22AWG – ~7A Max ~14A for seconds.

The semiconductor can withstand ~50A Max peak
Standby Current (Off State) – ~4µA
Operating temperature range -40°C +80°C
Dimensions 25.2 x 11.5 x 6mm 
Total cable length Approx 230mm 
Weight Including all cables – ~ 9g