KM1203MD high speed high torque F5j & F3x fuselage Servo


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No compromise quality & performance for the demanding pilot – as used by the German F5j National team
Coreless motor for faster response and higher torque
CNC alloy casing
Double ballraced output to take large side loads
Strong copper & Titanium gear train
Multi-voltage 5v-8.4v operation

Weight 20g

Dimensions 23mm x 12mm x 27.5mm

KM1203MD 6.0v 7.4v
Speed 0.10/60deg 0.08s/60deg


Comments: Quick, super responsive and a huge 10.5kg @8.4v torque make this the perfect F3x V-tail servo. Also works well as an all round F5j elevator servo where weight is not such a concern. Also ideal for 450 class Helicopter swashplate

Ideal replacement for KST DS215MG KST X12-508  MKS HV6125e, Turnigy TGY-306G-HV, Blue Bird BMS-A206



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