DS125MG Powerful All Round Wing Servo


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Unbeatable quality & performance for pilots after a lower cost servo

Slightly larger case than DS135MG accommodates larger more powerful motor

Double ballraced output to take large side loads

Strong hardened steel gear train with minimal backlash

Perfect for traditional 4 cell nimh operation and BEC’s set to 5-6v

Weight 28g

Dimensions 30mm x 10mm x 35.5mm

DS125MG 4.8V 6.0V
Torque 6.0Kg.cm 7.0Kg.cm
Speed 0.15s/60deg 0.12s/60deg


Comments. Features the same quality and value for money as the DS135MG but packs more of a punch. Perfect for more demanding applications such as F3f flaps. Best combination is DS125MG on flaps and DS135MG on ailerons for F3f type models.

Ideal replacement for Turnigy TGY-A55H, Blue Bird A56V, Futaba 3150, Hitec HS-125MG, Hitec HS5125MG, Hitec HS-85MG, Hitec HS-5085MG

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