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What do you get when you cross a fast efficient F3f type wing with a Multiplex Alpina style fuselage? The new Dragonfly is what!

With its sleek high aspect ratio 3m wing and semi scale looking fuselage the Dragonfly is sure to add grace and presence to any slope. But what makes the Dragonfly very different is the wing. The wing is not what you would expect of such a classic looking model – instead it is an extremely efficient and highly optimised f3f / f3b design.

With its resulting wide speed range, the Dragonfly will happily fly in lighter lift but on big days put the nose down and watch it travel as it races across the sky. It is also highly aerobatic and sure to delight. Indeed a Multiplex Alpina style model on steroids.

Construction is hollow composite and surface finish and overall fit and finish is excellent. All mouldings are very crisp and precise. Wing is 2 piece. Tailplane is traditional 2 piece plug on but is not an AMT, instead it features a normal style elevator for more precise feel.

All Flightech supplied Dragonflys feature full carbon wings and a 2.4ghz friendly carbon / kevlar fuselage. Ailerons, flaps and rudder come with pre-installed GRP control horns. Pilots have the option of fitting a small servo in the base of the fin for a direct drive elevator (via small access hatch)  or can have a traditional 2 servo arrangement up front.

Recommended servos:  Ailerons: Kingmax CLS0512W 8mm 
                                       Flaps: Kingmax CLS0512W 8mm or CLS0612W 10mm
                                       Elevator: Kingmax CLS2035HHV / KM1203MD or C507 if installed in fin
Rudder: Kingmax CLS2035HHV / KM1203MD