C410 6mm glider wing servo


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**Flightech are the only authorised Kingmax glider servo distributor in the UK. Selling servos direct from the factory and with a full spares and warranty back up**

An incredible 6mm wing servo boasting up to 4.2kg of holding torque and 0.10s speed @7.4v. Perfect for all applications that require an ultra thin, powerful and accurate little servo. The all metal gears are more than robust enough for its intended use but of course not as tough as larger 8mm and 10mm gear trains.

High performance, digital multivoltage micro wing servo

— High-precision metal gears

— Full CNC aluminium hulls and structure

— High quality coreless motor

— 6mm ultra-thin thickness

— Dual ball bearings


Operating Speed(3.5V):0.23sec/60degrees

Operating Speed(5.0V):0.15sec/60degrees

Operating Speed(6.0V):0.13sec/60degrees

Operating Speed(7.4V):0.10sec/60degrees

Stall torque(7.4V):4.2kg.cm(58.33oz/in)

Rated working torque(3.5V):1.0kg.cm(13.89oz/in)

Rated working torque(5.0V):1.6kg.cm(22.22oz/in)

Rated working torque(6.0V):2.0kg.cm(27.78oz/in)

Rated working torque(7.4V):2.7kg.cm(37.50oz/in)

Dimensions:23*6*25.2mm /0.89X0.23X0.97in