CLS0408W all round F5j wing and fuselage servo


A brand new servo from Kingmax designed for F5j Esoaring models but of course has many other applications – a good one being smaller slope soarers.

Crossing the boundary between the larger 23g wing servos (sometimes overkill) and the sub micro 10g wing servos (often very much underkill) the brand new CLS0408W weighs in at a mere  15g yet can deliver 4kg of torque and features a tough all metal hard anodized gear train.When designing the CLS0408W we wanted a traditional fully cased servo,  rather than have an external oversized motor layout. We simply wanted to make a smaller lighter version of our highly successful and best selling CLS0512W and we did it.  We kept to the popular multi-voltage operation so you can run the new CLS0408W directly on 5v through to 8.4v making it highly flexible.

For superlight models the new CLS0408W can be used on flaps as well as ailerons but for all round models the CLS0512W on flaps (or CLS0612W) and CLS0408W on ailerons will make an unbeatable combination.

Being also available in an upright vertical mounting format the CLS0408W also makes the perfect fuselage servo as well. Please state which you require at the point of ordering.


— High performance, digital multivoltage wing servo

— High-precision metal gears with hard anodizing
— Full CNC aluminium hulls and structure
— High quality coreless motor
–8mm ultra-thin thickness
— Dual bearings


Operating Speed (5.0V): 0.13sec/60 degrees
Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.10sec/60 degrees
Operating Speed (7.4V): 0.08sec/60 degrees
Operating Speed (8.4V): 0.07sec/60 degrees
Stall Torque (5.0V):
Stall Torque (6.0V):
Stall Torque (7.4V):
Stall Torque (8.4V):
Dimensions: 25 X 8 X 24.8mm
Weight: 16g

Perfect replacement for KST X08 Plus, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100 and MKS HV6110

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Output support (not ballraced only bushing) for traditional servo installations. Helps to reduce side loads on the servo and keeps linkages tighter for longer. Essential if you are fitting X08 Plus servos into larger F5j & Esoaring wings.

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