3.8m span from 1300g ready to fly
Built with the very latest Carboweave spread tow material
£1550 including wiring loom & wing bags
Ideal for both sport and contest pilots
Responds well to flaps and is easy to land

Good performance in wind
Good performance in light air
Smooth responsive handling
Indicates lift well
Good climb rate in thermals

Mark De Vall 1st Place F3j UK Nationals 2016. Mark flew an Optimus medium F3j.

John Freeman 1st Overall Midlands Esoaring League 2016 & 1st Place 2017 Midland Esoaring League Round 2. John flies Optimus Light & Xtra Light with a Tenshock/Reisenaur Drive system.

Keith Fisher 1st Place 2017 Bartletts League Round 2. Keith flew Optimus Light with HET2W/Reisenaur Drive system. 1st place overall Kent Interclub League 2017 with his Optimus & Reisenauer winning combination. Well done Keith!

Steve Hannon 1st place 2017 Midland Esoaring League Round 3. 1st Place Midland BMFA Esoaring round 4. Steve flew Optimus Light with HET2W/Reisenaur Drive system. 1st place overall 2017 Midlands Esoaring League. Well done Steve!

Simon Thornton 1st Place Tonbridge BMFA F5j League event 18/6/2017. 1st Place Kent Interclub Multi Launch contest Tonbridge 11/7/2017. 2nd Place Radioglide F5j 2017. Simon flies an Optimus Xtra Light with HET2W18 / Reisenauer drive system.

1st Place Graham Wicks Eastern Area BMFA F5j event 30/7/2017. Graham was flying an Optimus EL Windy with a HET2W/Reisenauer drive system. 14/15th October 2017 Graham flew his Optimus & Reisenauer combination straight into a UK team place at the UK F5j Team Trials. Well done Graham!

Flightech • Optimus RC Glider

The CN Models Optimus was first introduced in early 2015 and quickly established itself as one of the best quality airframes that money could buy. Now, several years later, the Optimus has also proven a popular and formidable contest winning machine. With its advanced aerodynamic design and use of the very latest carbon composite spread tow construction it has helped pilots all over the country deliver victories and podium positions in the face of stiff competition.

Made exclusively from a new super light unidirectional bi-axial carboweave spread tow material, the Optimus wing structure is extremely stiff and light with hard ding-resistant skins and stable, consistent core laminations.

The very low flying weight combined with a highly efficient wing planform and airfoil series gives the Optimus an outstanding all round performance and a fast climb rate in thermals. Great care has been taken to ensure optimum performance in both thermal and distant flight and the Optimus has gained an enviable reputation for its ability to penetrate stronger winds and return from downwind thermals yet slow down and float when conditions dictate thus making it the ideal choice for established and aspiring F5j and Esoaring competitors alike. Non contest pilots will appreciate its smooth safe handling, easy to attain performance, and outstanding quality of finish.

High performance F5j Esoarer. Latest Bi-Axial spread tow carbon construction.
Ready to fly from 1300g.
Large choice of colours and designs.

Complete with full hardware pack including wiring loom and high quality pushrods and clevises.

All moving cross-tail for easy trimming
Integrated bushings for accurate slop free operation
Tails constructed using the latest carbon free-flight technology for extreme stiffness and light weight

Beautifully produced factory wing bags supplied as standard with all models.