Superb high performance F5j Esoarer

Already contest proven at the very highest level

3.5m wingspan and starting weights as low as 1050g

Highly optimised new fuselage and tail airfoils for outstanding circling performance and penetration

Flightech • Infinity NG F5j

The new Infinity NG is the perfect platform for pilots wanting a slightly smaller, lighter and more nimble airframe. At 3.5m and an all up flying weight starting as low as 1050g the Infinity NG is perfect for low F5j starts, yet with its efficient and highly optimised wing planform and special Dirk Pflug airfoils it is also ideal for all 200m Esoaring contests as well.

Based on success of the older Infinity, the new NG (Next Generation) features the same outstanding wing design but has a totally new fuselage and tails. The new fuselage has a stronger and lighter lay-up than the previous model and also is shorter in the nose and longer in the boom. This not only improves handling and circling, but is also better suited to balancing out an electric version without having to add tail weight.

The new elevator, fin and rudder feature totally new airfoils. These are now thinner and lower drag making for better penetration and faster more efficient returns from downwind thermals.


Wing construction is traditional hollow core making for harder more ding resistant surfaces with greater longevity than other technologies. The Infinity NG is layed up in high pressure CNC molds and feature the very latest carbon spread tow and UHM materials as standard. Tails are spread tow carbon over a Rohacell core.

The Infinty NG comes factory installed with the brilliant IDS system from Servorahmen. Control surface horns and pushrod arms already come fitted, leaving the pilot with the simple task of fitting the servo and frame of their choice. The advantages of this system are less slop, more precise control and less load on the typically very small sub-micro servos (such as KST X08) now starting to be used in F5j wings.

With optional lay-ups available ranging from Ultralight 1050g, Light 1300g and Performance 1500g and a wide range of colours to choose from you can be sure to pick a perfect Infinity NG for you!

Guide price of €1500.00