Micro Edition Light 5:1


19g in weight
22mm diameter
Strong 6mm Titanium shaft
Plasma hardened gears for long life

Reisenauer HET2W18 Drive System


571W@52A on 15×8 prop 3S Lipo
115g in weight


Reisenauer Tenshock Viper Drive System


Up to 501W@45A on 12×6 prop 3S Lipo
Only 77g in weight

Reisenauer HET2W Drive System


450W@42A on 14×6 prop 3S Lipo
105g in weight

Flightech • Reisenauer & Accessories

Reisenauer are a leading electric flight specialist and produce the strongest, lightest and most reliable gearboxes currently on the market. The advantages of a Reisenauer gearbox are the strong 6mm Titanium output shaft, the plasma hardened steel gears, the user friendly serviceability and a large range of motor options.

Flightech offer high performance and thoroughly proven motors from Tenshock and High End Technology (HET) and coming soon are complete drive systems featuring GM props for 3s and 4s set-ups.

We recommend a Reisenauer basic service kit for simple easy routine maintenance.